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Nilfisk & Miele Vacuums in Edmonton

Cleaning your home may be your idea of fun but for most of us vacuuming is a chore. We can help you choose a Nilfisk Central Vacuum or a Miele Vacuum System that will make vacuuming easier and more convenient. Avenue Appliance has been selling vacuums in store since 1970. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to helping you eliminate dust and debris from your home.

Functionality for Your Home

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What’s better … a central vacuum system or a canister vacuum cleaner? It really boils down to personal preference. If you have a home with large open areas you may prefer a central vacuum. If you are in a smaller home with lots of corners and small rooms a portable canister vacuum is probably more practical.

Central Vacuum Systems

A Nilfisk central vacuum system will offer you a lightweight 33’ or 35’ hose and power brush unit and accessories that can be used in every area of your home. This makes it easier to reach high, awkward places and it is easier to clean underneath furniture as well. Simply move the vacuum hose and nozzle from inlet to inlet. The system is normally turned on with a power switch located on the handle of the hose. You may wish to purchase a hose for each level of your home making it even more convenient

The power unit is mounted in an out-of the way location such as the basement, furnace room or garage which means there is minimal vacuum noise. Tubing located inside the walls allows you to place outlets at convenient places in your home as the dirt and debris travel through the tubing which are connected to the vacuum unit. A filtered central vacuum that accepts a bag is the cleanest way to go. Not only does the filter protect the motor from dust, it makes the venting of the unit outside optional. In most cases the bag is changed out every 3-4 months. The bags are inexpensive and have the capacity to hold more dirt than a regular portable vacuum. Look for a HEPA filter on the exhaust of the unit and you will have the cleanest air possible coming back in to your home.

You will experience more suction with a central vacuum system. A central vacuum unit can be up to 3 times stronger than a portable vacuum. Look for high performance motors to ensure you have the suction you need. The amount of inlets required in your home will depend on the square footage and the design. Normally you will need a minimum of one inlet per floor or one inlet for approximately every 600 square feet.

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Automatic powered dustpans allow you to conveniently and quickly sweep dirt into a wall vent using a broom.

Installing a central vacuum in your home raises the value of your home. It is a great investment that will save you money over time.

Installation of the tubing and wiring will need to be arranged ahead of time

Portable Vacuum Systems

Miele Canister VacuumsLaundry Detergent - Home & Kitchen Appliance Store Edmonton

When looking for a portable vacuum cleaner look for a unit that is quiet. You should be able to have a conversation or hear the phone ring while vacuuming. Units that are constructed from ABS plastic will be durable and long lasting. A Miele unit should last you at least 1000 operating hours.

Many portables boast an attractive design with attractive colors, curves and ergonomic hose handles. Look for easy on/off controls and a unit that you can regulate the suction to maximize the suction of the unit. Many different hardwood tools and power nozzles are available to accommodate all types of flooring and carpeting within your home. This makes the portable very versatile. Look for a unit that is lightweight with castors on the bottom versus wheels. A well engineered castor will make the canister extremely maneuverable.

A portable vacuum with a bag is the most hygienic way to go. It is important that when you vacuum your home you are exhausting clean air through the exhaust of the vacuum. The air coming out should be cleaner than the air going in to the vacuum.

Air Clean Filter bags boast 9 layers of filter material that traps not only the large particles of dirt, but it also helps to remove the allergens that we cannot see. Look for a unit that has a sealed system with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters should be changed a minimum of once a year. This means that dust and allergens are not able to escape from the vacuum. On average, most homes will go through 8 bags a year.

Vacuum Care, Maintenance & Warranty Information

Central vacuum systems tend to have a longer warranty than portables simply because the motors are bigger and are made to run for 1000 hours or more. It is common to see a 10 to 15 year warranty on the central vacuum motors. German made nozzles and attachments also boast a 3 year warranty compared to North American brands.

German engineered portable vacuums also carry a great warranty. Warranties will vary according to the brand.

At Avenue Appliance, all vacuum repairs and warranty are done in house by our own service technician. Simply contact our Customer Service Department at 780-433-5931 for further details.

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