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Electric & Gas Stoves and Ranges In Edmonton

Ranges & Stoves | Kitchen Appliances Edmonton | Avenue Appliance

Avenue Appliance has a unique line up of ranges or stoves to choose from. If you are planning to build or remodel your kitchen we can help you choose a range that suits not only your lifestyle, but your kitchen design as well.

Choosing a range can be overwhelming. Ask yourself what fuel source best suits your cooking style. Is one design better than the other? It is truly a personal preference as to what you choose to use. There are many options available for your new kitchen appliance in: AGA, AEG, Blue Star, Bosch, CapitalHeartland, LaCornue and Miele brands:

Dual Fuel Ranges - Home & Kitchen Appliance Store Edmonton

Premium Dual Fuel, Induction or Smoothtop Electric & Gas Ranges

Dual Fuel Range – This range gives the advantages of a gas cook top coupled with an electric oven or ovens. Gas will cook your food quickly and exactly the way you like it. Multiple oven compartments are available which allows you to have two temperatures at the same time. Multiple cooking modes can be chosen to give you more control over your oven. This allows you to control which part of the oven the heat is coming from and allows you to control the convection fan as well. Most dual fuel ranges can be converted to propane fuel. Our featured dual fuel range appliances include AGA, AEG, Bosch, CapitalHeartland, La Cornue, and Miele Appliances.     

Induction Electric RangeLaundry Detergent - Home & Kitchen Appliance Store Edmonton

Induction Electric Range – Finally a true European induction 30” range is available in Canada. Induction surface cooking heats a pot with induction heating, instead of infrared radiation from electrical wires or a gas flame as with a traditional cooking stove.The high efficiency of power transfer into the pot makes heating food faster on an induction cooking surface than on other electric cooking surfaces. Because of the high efficiency, an induction element has heating performance comparable to a typical gas element.The control system shuts down the element if a pot is not sitting on the burner. Induction burners are easy to clean due to the flat, smooth cooking surface. Food does not burn on to the surface of an induction range because the surface is not directly heated. Induction provides rapid heating, improved thermal efficiency and great heat consistency with precise control similar to gas. Come into the store and take a look at what Bosch and Miele have to offer.


All Gas Range - Home & Kitchen Appliance Store Edmonton

All Gas Range – Our Capital, Blue StarMiele, and Heartland gas cooktop appliances will give you even, consistent heat allowing you to adjust the level of heat instantly by altering the flame on the cooktop. The heat from a gas burner heats the sides, as well as the bottom of pans cooking food faster. Natural gas is relatively inexpensive, abundantly available and offers clean burning. You can immediately turn off the heat source, so you can still leave food on the stove to rest without continuing to cook. Gas ovens provide a moister cooking environment. Most gas ovens have a convection fan feature that can be turned on or off. Self-cleaning and manual clean options are available. Many brands line the oven with panels that can be removed for ease of cleaning. Natural gas ranges are usually less expensive to operate than an electric range. Be sure to research what is required for installation of this type of range in your home. Propane options are available with the gas range.


Smooth Top Electric Range – You may be drawn to the sleek, shiny appearance of smooth cooktops. Rather than separate coiled burners, our AGA, AEG, Bosch, Heartland, and Miele cooktops are made of completely smooth glass-ceramic cooking surfaces. The heating units sit under the surface. Ovens will feature various cooking modes to give you more control over the oven environment. Most home kitchens are already equipped for electric ranges, which makes them easy to install.

Cooker – The most unique of all ranges, cast iron provides radiant and consistent heat within the oven cavities which helps to lock vitamins and minerals in to your food. Multiple ovens at different temperatures provide versatility. Unique cast iron heated pads offer a unique cooktop cooking environment. A cooker is fast, easy to use and low maintenance. An AGA or La Cornue cooker will truly become the heartbeat of your home. This unit can be fueled with either gas, propane or electricity. 

A Range of Options

Designs include sleek and modern, professional, country, antique and even a french design. Different finishes include stainless steel, glass, porcelain enamel and cast iron. Whatever look you are trying to achieve in your kitchen, Avenue Appliance should have a range to match. Stainless Steel is still very popular but why not have some fun and choose a colored range to brighten up your kitchen?

Ranges come in three basic types: A slide-in range fits between two base cabinets and has unfinished sides. A drop-in range actually rests on part of a cabinet base between two base cabinets. It, too, has unfinished sides. A freestanding range can fit between two cabinets or can be placed at the end of a cabinet. Freestanding units have finished sides.

Range & Stove Care, Maintenance & Warranty Information

Avenue Appliance can recommend experienced, professional installers. Range warranties vary depending on the brand. Extended warranty is available. Qualified, local technicians are available to help with warranty and after-sales service. Simply contact our Customer Service department at 780-433-5931 and we will steer you in the right direction.

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