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Electric, Gas & Induction Cooktops in Edmonton

AEG, Blue Star, Bosch, Fagor, Miele Cooktops - Home & Kitchen Appliance Store Edmonton

For Any Cooking Style

Preparing delicious recipes and enjoying them with family and friends is a part of our culture these days. How do you decide which cooktop will best suit your cooking style?

First of all, decide how you want to heat your food. What type of fuel source do you need? Consider your space and cooking habits. What is your kitchen design? How many burners do you require? Cooktops can fit seamlessly into almost every environment. We can help introduce you to what’s new in the world of AEG, Bluestar, Bosch, Fagor, Fulgor and Miele cooktops so that you can make the right choice for your cooking style.

FUEL CHOICES: Gas, Induction, Glass Ceran Electric Cooktops

Gas: Gas is often a professional “chef’s choice. Gas cooktops can offer output of 500 – 25,000 BTU’s. You have instant heat and heat control as you can see the size of the flame which offers very even stove top heat for cooking. Modern gas cooking stoves now have electronic ignition so they are easy to start. Gas burners come in a sealed or an open design. An open burner will achieve maximum heat more quickly and the pot sits farther from the flame. Sealed burners make the most of heat by keeping pans close to the flame. AEG, Bluestar, Bosch, Fagor and Miele burners will come in many shapes and sizes.

Available in 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”     

Induction Cooktop - Home & Kitchen Appliance Store Edmonton

Induction: The sleek, glass, modern cooking surface of an induction cooktop can be safer to use than a gas cooktop because there are no open flames. Induction cooking heats cookware with induction heating instead of infrared radiation. The surface below the pot is no hotter than the pot itself; only the pot generates heat. The control system shuts down the element if a pot is not present. Induction is easy to clean because the cooking surface is flat and smooth, even though it may have several heating zones. Spilled food does not burn on the surface since the cooking surface is not directly heated.

Heat is being generated by an induced electric current which monitors how much power is being absorbed. This is what allows the cooktop to detect if cookware is present. Cookware must be made of a “ferromagnetic” metal such as stainless steel or at least compounded with a steel inlay. This form of cooking provides rapid heating, greater heat consistency with precise control similar to gas. An induction cooktop is generally a larger investment and is currently our most popular fuel choice. Induction cooktop appliances brands that we carry include: AEG, Bosch, Fagor, Fulgor Milano, and Miele.

How does a burner become an inductor? A coil of copper is placed underneath the burner, an alternating electric current flows through the coil, which produces an oscillating magnetic field. This field induces a magnetic flux which results in an eddy current in the pot equivalent to the electric current in the coil. The eddy current in the pot produces resistive heating which heats the food. The unit is energy efficient even though the current in the coil is large.

Available in 24”, 30”, 36”


Glass Ceran Cooktops - Home & Kitchen Appliance Store Edmonton

Glass Ceran Electric Cooktops: The heating elements will begin to glow, letting you know that they are heating up and ready to cook. Lights will let you know that the heating element is hot. The glass offers a smooth surface for easy cleaning. Unlike induction, the glass will get hot before the pot does. This takes longer to heat up and to cool down. We are retailers for AEGBosch, FagorFulgor, Milano, and Miele Glass Ceran Electric Cooktops.

Available in 24”, 30”, 36”    

Design & Style Options

Cooktops come in many shapes and sizes: No matter which fuel source you choose, burners will come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. The fuel output and size will vary from burner to burner. This allows for optimal pan shifting as you cook. Some cooktop appliances, particularly gas, will offer you extra accessories such as wok rings and griddles to incorporate on to your cooktop.

Controls: Most glass and induction units have touch controls and digital displays. Many units will allow you to expand the size of the burner to accommodate different cookware. Gas cooktops generally have knobs.

Count the burners: A cooktop with four burners is commonly chosen. But if you love to cook, have a large family and entertain often, you may want the professional appearance and flexibility of five or more burners.

Venting: In most cases a vent is required to draw smoke, steam and cooking odors away from your kitchen. Be sure to check the venting requirements and codes for the area in which you live.

Cutout depths and widths vary: Exact cutout dimensions are a must for cooktops to be installed properly. Avenue Appliance will work with your cabinet maker to ensure the details needed are given for a smooth installation of the oven.

Cooktop Care, Maintenance & Warranty Information

Induction/ceran cooktops are generally easy to keep clean. Ceran cleaner helps to remove any food residue that may have hardened on to the surface. This cleaner is available at Avenue Appliance. Gas cooktops require a little more cleaning. Grates can be soaked in the sink. We can recommend some stainless steel cleaners to help keep your gas cooktop looking new as long as possible.

We can also recommend experienced installers to help with the installation of your cooktop.

Cook top warranties vary depending on the brand and the style. Extended warranty is also available. Qualified, local technicians are available to help with warranty and after-sales service. Simply contact our Customer Service department at 780-433-5931 and we will steer you in the right direction.

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