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Electric, Convection & Gas Wall Ovens in Edmonton

Many homes today have large kitchens and entertaining areas. If you have the space, AEG, Bluestar, CapitalBoschFagor, Fulgor and Miele wall ovens are a great alternative to a standard range. Wall ovens can increase your cooking space and give you more design options for placement in your kitchen.

Electric, Convection & Gas Wall Ovens with a Variety of Features

Wall ovens and a separate cooktop in kitchen design are definitely the current trend. Multiple wall ovens will help you create several work stations in your kitchen. The oven or ovens can be placed at a convenient height so that you are not bending over to retrieve food from your oven. Cabinets under or surrounding the oven will give you ideal storage for your cookware. Side swing doors are available along with slide out racks on some brands which make it even easier to remove items from the oven.

Avenue Appliance offers both “True European Convection” ovens and “Convection” (Fan Assist) ovens. While “Convection” ovens use an internal fan to circulate the hot air in the oven,“True European Convection” ovens have a separate element around the fan producing the most even heat. Heat distribution is therefore improved and cooking times decreased. The size of the oven and the style of convection will determine its ultimate effectiveness.

Functions for All Your Baking & Roasting Needs

Most wall ovens have various modes for baking/roasting and will allow you to have more control over the heat in the oven. Everything from variable broil settings, delayed start to bread-proofing are now available in many ovens. Electric, convection ovens are the norm. Avenue Appliance also has a gas wall oven available.

There are many styles of wall ovens to choose from with different functions. These include double wall ovens, steam/convection ovens, speed ovens and microwaves. Having a second oven cavity will deliver twice the baking/roasting capacity at a second temperature. You will need to decide what features are important to you.

Cutout depths and widths vary. Exact cabinet dimensions are a must for wall ovens to be installed properly. Avenue Appliance will work with your cabinet maker to ensure the details needed are given for a smooth installation of the oven.

Wall Ovens - Home & Kitchen Appliance Store Edmonton

Achieve Your Desired Look with Different Style Options

When choosing a European or North American wall oven, stainless steel is the most common finish available. Some units have a mix of stainless steel and glass. White and black are available in some lines and can be a longer wait as they may be a custom order. Handle styles vary from brand to brand.

190 Different Colours to Choose From

Avenue Appliance also offers a gas wall oven that allows you to choose from 190 different colors. You could liven up your kitchen with something bright and different. This unit boasts a very “commercial-pro” look versus the modern, sleek design.

Most units have electronic controls. Some include knobs that you turn in addition to the electronic board. These ovens can usually accommodate a lower budget. The newest technology is the “M Touch” screen which scrolls through the options similar to an “I-Phone”. If you choose to blend your refrigerator and dishwasher into your cabinetry, the wall ovens can become a “feature” on the wall in your design.

Sizes Available 24”, 27”, 30”, 36”

Wall Oven Care, Maintenance & Warranty Information

A self-cleaning feature is available in most electric wall ovens. For those gas units that do not have the self-clean feature, liners can be removed from the oven for easy cleaning. We also sell a European oven cleaner that will help to keep the inside of your oven clean. Steam ovens are easy to keep clean due to the moisture that is often present in the oven cavity. Oven warranties vary depending on the brand and the style. Extended warranty is also available. Qualified, local technicians are available to help with warranty and after-sales service. Simply contact our Customer Service department at 780-433-5931 and we will steer you in the right direction.

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