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Dishwashers in Edmonton

Dishwashers | Kitchen Appliances Edmonton | Avenue ApplianceWith your busy lifestyle and schedule, having a dishwasher in your home has become a necessity. Having an Asko, Blomberg, Bosch and Miele dishwasher that is efficient and gets the job done right the first time is even more important.

Dishwashers - Home & Kitchen Appliance Store Edmonton


Avenue Appliance specializes in kitchen appliances that are either engineered or manufactured in Europe. Why should you purchase a European dishwasher? What functions make a European dishwasher better than a North American dishwasher?

European dishwashers are quiet and can accommodate more place settings. Your dishes will be clean with no pre-rinsing required. Most of our European dishwashers have more than the standard two racks. Having multiple racks allows you to place more dishes, cutlery and pots and pans within the unit. Some models have water softeners built right in to the unit to help your eliminate hard water deposits on your dishware and china.

European dishwashers heat the water within the unit so you can be assured that the water is at the actual temperature chosen which helps the detergent to break food particles down. No relying on the temperature of your hot water tank to clean your dishes and no need for a garburator to chop up the food. All our dishwashers have a stainless steel interior with easy to access filters which help to keep your dishwasher that much cleaner.

European dishwashers operate with a condensing dry system eliminating the need for a heating element. This saves energy and increases the usable space in the dishwasher.

Dishwashers | Kitchen Appliances Edmonton | Avenue Appliance

Choose Your Dishwasher Style to Match Your Kitchen

There are a few choices in dishwasher design. You can choose controls that are either visible to the eye or hidden. Most dishwasher models are available in black, white or stainless. You can hide the dishwasher completely by purchasing a panel ready unit which will accept a custom made cabinet panel to match your kitchen cabinetry. The option is also available to do a partially hidden dishwasher. For example the control panel can be exposed and the bottom portion of the dishwasher accepts a custom panel to match your kitchen. Take a look at our  AskoBlombergBosch and Miele  pages to get some ideas.

Dishwashers | Kitchen Appliances Edmonton | Avenue Appliance

Dishwasher Care, Maintenance & Warranty Information

Most dishwashers come with a standard one year warranty. There are extended warranties available for various brands. Many of our European dishwasher manufacturers boast their dishwashers are built to last 15-20 years. We recommend using a high efficiency dishwasher tab which will add to the cleaning performance of the unit. These tabs are available at our Edmonton store.

Qualified, local technicians are available to help with warranty and after-sales service. Simply contact our Customer Service Department at 780-433-5931 and we will steer you in the right direction.

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