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“ASKO is Scandinavian design with a smile!”

Edmonton Appliance StoreASKO specializes in high quality, high performance, environmentally friendly dishwashers and laundry appliances designed and inspired by Sweden. Asko cares about the environment. Committed to quality, Asko is one of the most water and energy efficient dishwashers in the world. Asko’s current dishwashers and laundry have earned the ENERGY STAR label. Pleasing aesthetics in expression and appearance offer a variety of design choices. Every detail has a purpose.

ASKO DISHWASHERS: Energy Efficient Dishwashers with Pre-rinsing

Edmonton Appliance Store

Super Cleaning System - ASKO Dishwashers do the pre-rinsing for you saving you time, water, energy and effort.

The dishwasher simultaneously sprays dishes and drains the water, so the dishes are not left sitting in dirty water for the next phase of the cycle.

Extra large capacity. Units boast the same outside dimensions as a standard dishwasher, but loads can include larger plates, baking trays and cookware.

Asko’s Turbo Drying system extracts condensation to dry your dishes better. After the final rinse, the moist air in the dishwasher is mixed with dry air from outside, and the machine dries completely

ASKO LAUNDRY MACHINES: Variable Speed Dryers & Stabilized Washers

The Active Drum system with the hourglass shaped and removable paddles guide the load to the gentler central area of the drum.

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The Smart Seal construction eliminates rubber bellows which increases the usable capacity and makes it easier to place the laundry in the machine. Stainless steel is used for both the inner and the outer drum.

Edmonton Appliance Store

Edmonton Appliance Store

Asko reinforces and stabilizes washing machines by using a robust cast iron rear gable instead of concrete often used by other manufacturers.

ASKO washers are fitted with induction motors without carbon brushes. This robust motor ensures that the machine can cope with the highest spin speed, reduces noise levels and also increases the life of the machine.

Speed is good for laundry. Variable and accurate spin speeds up to 1800 rpm allow hang drying of most fabrics. Thus saving energy by only tumble drying the bulkier loads: such as towels, bedding and heavier fabrics.

ASKO’s guaranteed water temperatures ensure whiter whites, brighter colors, disinfecting, stain-removal and fabric care. By controlling the water temperature (85o F - 205o F), bleach or other chemicals that could harm the environment or clothes are eliminated.

Vibrations in a washing machine contribute to wear and reduce the life span. Washing machines are made extra sturdy by building on four powerful shock absorbing legs rather than two shock-absorber legs. Asko also builds their machines on a galvanised steel base rather than a plastic base, just like a professional washer. Needless to say, this also increases the life span. As far as we know this is unique to ASKO.

Edmonton Appliance Store

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